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In the last few years a term has popped up, Latinx. But what does it mean to be an individual of a group represented by 20 countries and 13+ territories, people made up of African, Indigenous, and European Ancestry (not to exclude others I may be ignorant of), speaking various Indigenous languages, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Giving us an eternity of internal issues to work out including: identity issues, racism amongst ourselves, religious guilt, loss interest in Catholicism, practicing Santeria and various forms of Brujeria, homophobia, transphobia, so many other internal issues; while still dealing with racism and bigotry fueled particularly by the Trump Administration. 

Explain to Me is hosting a series of conversations called #SomosLatinx discussions amongst individuals under the Latinx Umbrella. Discussions about our life experiences, the strong people we come from, what we can do to treat each other better, the white washing by the media of what we look like, and our favorite foods! Let’s unite over the similarities over dividing over the differences. 

Not only do we hope to raise awareness of this new term, our biggest and most important goal in doing this is raising funds to provide legal counsel for the children at the border with the help of Raices.